What’s behind BioPreferred products?

What’s behind BioPreferred products?

Biobased products are defined as non-edible, industrial goods that are made in whole or in part from raw materials that are plant-based or from other renewable marine, agricultural and forestry materials, as established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2002. 

The BioPreferred Program, created by the USDA, aims to expand both the use and commercialization of this type of product as sustainable alternatives to traditional petroleum-based materials. And that’s good for business and good for the planet. 

On one hand, the program strengthens the economic development, creating new jobs and opening new markets for materials derived from biomass. On the other hand, the use of bio-based products helps to reduce the planet’s dependence on oil and other fossil matrices, increasing the use of renewable agricultural resources and reducing negative impacts. The program also contributes to improving the current industrial infrastructure by encouraging the development of products made from agricultural and biological materials through voluntary product certification and labeling. 

The Biopreferred label highlights each product’s renewable content, based on the ratio of bio-based organic carbon to total organic carbon present, highlighting the percentage of bio-based material found in a product. For example, if a product has a BioPreferred Certification with an indication of 70%, it means that only 30% of this product was obtained from non-renewable sources. 

In order for a product to obtain such certification, a list of strict regulatory steps must be followed, as established by the USDA. There are different USDA-recognized product categories, spanning various industry sectors, that must meet a minimum level of bio-based content requirement for qualification. And to ensure label authenticity, Biopreferred-certified products are regularly tested for bio-based content through independent laboratories, while the USDA also continually monitors the use of its BioPreferred labeling. 

Regenera is proud to display the USDA Certified Biobased Product seal on all of its products. As is the case with our BioFlex Rubber. A true sustainable innovation for the rubber industry! This revolutionary plasticizer is made from 100% plant-based materials, completely aligned with the USDA’s BioPreferred program and with the same quality and characteristics seen in petroleum-based plasticizers (such as DOA, DOP, naphthenic and aromatic oils), being fully eco-friendly! This makes possible that many of the rubber-based materials, such as tires and shoes, that you are familiar with and use, can now become much more environmentally friendly than before. 

With the increasing substitution of fossil-based products for bio-based ones in all types of products, from adhesives, tires, shoes, paints and cleaning products, the sustainable market is heading for a great expansion, as industries and consumers discover the benefits of this change in all areas of everyday life and industrial production. 

Want to know more about the BioPreferred seal? Visit the official USDA Certified Biobased Products website at www.biopreferred.gov.