Why the circular economy is the economy of the future

Why the circular economy is the economy of the future

For a long time, we lived in a linear production model: we simply extract raw materials, produce goods, consume and, in the end, discard it all. Added to this is the increasingly accelerated pace of consumption that we are experiencing and we are faced with a production model that is completely unsustainable for the planet. And that’s where the concept of Circular Economy comes in. 

The Circular Economy can be understood as a systemic approach to better economic development, designed to benefit businesses, society and the environment, all at the same time. Unlike the traditional extract->produce->discard approach, also known as the linear economy, the Circular Economy is regenerative from its conception, aiming to gradually reduce the consumption of finite resources, without, above all, compromising the well-being of society. 

Thus, the main principle of this model is that resources continue to circulate in the economy for as long as possible, creating new possibilities for the use of generated waste, transforming them into new raw materials for other industrial sectors. 

The objective of the Circular Economy is to make the most of the material resources available to us by applying the “3R’s principle”, essential for sustainable development and preservation of environmental balance: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Deep down, it is nothing more than an imitation of mother nature, where, as the French scientist Lavoisier said so well: “…nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed…”. 

From this perspective, waste is a fundamental component to be used more efficiently and intelligently in a more sustainable production model, which will be strengthened over time with the advent of innovative technologies. 

As we move towards a more circular society, we will reap many benefits such as improving the supply of raw materials, reducing pressure on the environment, increasing competitiveness, stimulating technological innovation, in addition to considerable economic growth, which is reflected in the creation of new jobs and opportunities. From the consumer’s point of view, more efficient and innovative products will be developed, increasing the quality of life. 

At Regenera, we believe that the world increasingly needs sustainable raw materials and that’s why we create and develop solutions that can replace fossil products with renewable and innovative alternatives that provide similar or superior performance, obtained from renewable, widely available and economically viable biomass. In addition, our products have a high content, or are 100%, made with raw materials of renewable origin, in addition to being certified by the USDA as Bio-Based Products, under the Biopreferred Program.