Paints and varnishes

Production using renewable raw materials and sustainable technologies

The development of new additives and bio-based inputs for industrial paints is of fundamental importance for the advancement of this sector in terms of environmental sustainability, without economic and social commitment to other areas. Regenera has sought to combine renewable raw materials and sustainable technologies for the development of new products of plant origin that can totally or partially replace those currently used in the production of high-performance paints and varnishes.


Regenera solutions for paints and varnishes



High performance without petrochemical products

Abundant, renewable and circular raw material.

Abundant, renewable and circular raw material.

Our solutions are developed using 100% Brazilian technology, using plant-based raw materials that are widely available, in a process created exclusively by Regenera. It is sustainable, renewable and with guaranteed supply throughout the year.


Why Regenera Solutions in Paints and varnishes?

  • Circular Economy

    Circular Economy

    Products designed with use throughout the entire chain

  • Food Chain

    Food Chain

    No competition with raw materials from other sectors

  • Renewable sources

    Renewable sources

    Replacement of fossil-based raw materials

  • Sustainability


    Low carbon footprint

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