Rubbers and plastics

Innovative and sustainable alternatives for the polymer industry

Eco-friendly products with proven performance are an urgent demand in the elastomer industry. “Green” alternatives to petrochemical plasticizers, such as phthalates, antioxidants and other additives that still have fossil origins are part of the solutions needed for the effective transformation of this sector and that Regenera has been developing.


Where to use Regenera in rubber and plastic industries



Alternative to petrochemicals such as phthalates, aromatic and naphthenic oils

Bio-Antioxidants e Bio-additives

Bio-Antioxidants e Bio-additives

Free of petrochemical derivatives and no loss of final material properties



Replacement for traditional fillers used, such as carbon black and precipitated silica

Abundant, renewable and circular raw material.

Abundant, renewable and circular raw material.

Our solutions are developed using 100% Brazilian technology, using plant-based raw materials that are widely available, in a process created exclusively by Regenera. It is sustainable, renewable and with guaranteed supply throughout the year.


Why Regenera Solutions in Rubbers and Plastics?

  • Circular Economy

    Circular Economy

    Products designed with use throughout the entire chain

  • Food Chain

    Food Chain

    No competition with raw materials from other sectors

  • Renewable sources

    Renewable sources

    Replacement of fossil-based raw materials

  • Sustainability


    Low carbon footprint

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